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2017-12-13 01:12

School Management Committee - 2017

1. The Principal - Mr. T. R. S. Meetiyagoda (SLEAS II)
Policy Planning/ Organizing/ Leading/ Supervision
& Controlling/ Financial Management / Daily
Administration/ SBTD Projects/ Public Relation &
Human resource Management.

2. Deputy Principal - Mrs. H.A.T. D. K. Jayarathna
(SLEAS III) (Quality Development & SEQI)
Improving the Development Sector/Implementing
Productivity Programme/ SEQI Project/ Quality
Class Room Project/Orgarnizing Quality Teachers’
Award Ceremony / SBA/ Orgarnizing Term Tests/
Coordinating Visiting Delegates /Quality Circle

3. Deputy Principal Mr. A. Raja Ranjith (SLPS 2-II)
(In Charge of Tamil Section)
In Charge of Tamil Section/ Enhancing the Moral
and Attitudes of the Section / Developing Student
Learning Behaviour Improving Term Test Marks
and Exam Results/ Overall Supervision and

4. Deputy - Principal - Mr. L. D. D. D. K. Dissanayaka
(SLPS 2-11) - (In Charge of Junior Section)
In Charge of Junior Section /Overall Supervision &
Maintaining School Plant/Preparing the Time
Tables /Student Descipline Management / Daily
Administration and Supervision / Students
Subject Development & Quality Development of
Grade 6 -9 Students.

5. Deputy Principal Mr. H. Wasalamudali (SLPS - 2 -II)
Of?ice Management / Leave / Inventories / Duty
Leave Approvals / Teachers’ Increments /
Inspection of Record Books and Taking Remedial
Action / Evaluation of the Summery of Record Books
/ Morning Assembly / Coordinating the Section for
Better Learning Environment / Assist final
Curriculum Matters / Wastage Management / In
Charge Non Academic Staff / Coordinating Sports

6. Deputy Principal - Mrs. T. M.N. M. Chandrasekara
(SLPS I)(In Charge of Primary Section)
In Charge of the Primary Section / Implementing
New Education Reforms/Quality Class Roo projects/Improving Grade 5 Scholarship Exam
Results/ Supervision /Preparation School Plans/
Maintaining an attractive Environment

7. Assistant Principal - Mr. E.M.J.B. Ekanayake
(SLPS 2-II)(Administration II)
Assist Of?ice Management / Census / Inventory /
Daily Attendance / Late Arrivals / Students’ Early Departure
/ Of?icial Documents / School Uniforms / Text Books / Term
Test Matters / Welfare Financial Matters / Railway
Warrants & CTB Seasons / Parents Meetings / In Charge 12-
13 Art Section

8. Assistant Principal - Mr. W.M.B. Weerasinghe
(SLPSIII) (Administration and
Development) (Junior Section)
Of?ice Management / Daily Attendance / Late
Arrivals / Early Departure/ Overall Supervision /
Students’ Welfare/ Assist to improve School
Culture/ SBA/ Curriculum Matters /Term Test
Matters/Maintaning School Plant /Infrastructure/
Parents Meetings /Railway Warrants/CTB Seas tickets/Shramadana and Dengue Prevention
Project/Grabage Disposal/ Term and weekly note
records / SEQI Project.

9. Sectional Head-Mrs. I.S.K. Dematawewa (SLTS-1)
(12-13 Sc/Maths)
In charge 12/13 Maths and Science Section /
Coordinatingublic Exams/Laboratary
Effectiveness Project/Organizing the Prize Giving /
Student Matters /Coordinating English Medium
10. Sectional Head-Mr. Shantha Dissanayake (SLTS-1)
(12-13 Commerce)
In charge 12/13 Commerce Section /Daily
Assembly /Student s Behaviour /Functions

11. Sectional Head-Mr. Nalin Sujeewa (SLTS-1)
(10-11 )
In charge 10/11 Section /Student Discipline &
Moral Development/Improving O/L Results

12. Sectional Head-Mr. Ajith W. Perera (SLTS-1)
(6-7 )
In charge 6/7 Section /Student Discipline /

13. Sectional Head - Mrs. Hemani Nayayakkara (SLTS -1)
Bilingual Classes
In charge Bilingual Classes

14.Sectional Head - Mr. Jayasena Sapuge (SLTS -1)
In charge 8/9 Section /Student Daily
neatness /moral Development

15. Sectional Head-Mr. K. Jeganathan (SLTS-1)
(6-9 T.M)
In charge 6/9 Tamil Medium

16. Sectional Head-Mr. N. Kishor Kumar (SLTS-1)
(1-5 T.M)
In charge 1/5 Tamil Medium

17. Sectional Head-Mr. Janaka Nilantha Perera
In charge of ICT Section
/ Develop the E - Learning Programme
Quality Development / Develop the
Technical Subjects

18. Sectional Head- Mr. A.A.U. Amarasinghe
In charge of Financial Matters and